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Constellation Managed Portfolios - video hub

Constellation: Did you know?

Did you know: building relationships

Watch this video for a summary of how Constellation helps you build trusting client relationships by changing the conversation to focus on their goals, not just the current rate of return.

Did you know: goal calculator

Take a closer look at the Constellation goal calculator and how it helps you have meaningful client conversations.

Did you know: disciplined asset allocation

Learn about Constellation’s asset allocation feature and how it helps you save time and effort.

Did you know: auto-rebalancing

You can’t always predict the market, and keeping your clients’ investments aligned to their risk tolerance can be a lot of work. Discover how Constellation helps do it for you, monitoring your clients’ investments every day.

Did you know: Building blocks for a strong portfolio

Learn more about Pathways funds and what makes them a strong foundation for clients’ portfolios.

Did you know: Pathways funds

Get to know the Canada Life Pathways Funds.

Did you know: Global Tactical Fund

Discover how our Global Tactical Fund helps protect your clients’ portfolios during stressful market conditions.

Meet the managers

Meet the managers: Ross Cameron, Northcape Capital

Meet some of the institutional fund managers behind the Pathways funds, including Ross Cameron from Northcape Capital.

Meet the managers: Bo Knudson, C WorldWide Asset Management

Meet Bo Knudson from C WorldWise Asset Management, another institutional fund manager behind Pathways funds.

Constellation: Benefits for you and your clients

Peer review: the benefits of our managed program

Hear from Brian Mallard and his business partners about what makes Constellation unique and how it helps them save time and better serve their clients.

Four-part series: Client conversations

Watch these videos for examples of how you can position Constellation with your clients.

Part 1: Introducing Constellation

Part 2: How to handle a goal that’s off track

Part 3: Asset allocation and other features

Part 4: Having a fee-based conversation

Client videos

How to see your investments in Constellation

Share this video with clients to show them how to navigate though the Constellation client portal and see whether they’re on track to achieve their goals.

Learning resources

An overview of the Constellation tool

Learn how to use Constellation.

8-part series - walkthrough of the Constellation tool

Learn how to navigate the Constellation tool.