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As Canada Life takes the next step in our journey, anything on this site referencing Freedom 55 Financial/WISE WEPG/WISE GK distribution channel will remain as is until further notice.

Insurance products

2020 Financial facts has arrived!

Get the latest performance results from our combined open participating account and learn about our evolving investment strategy.

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Welcome to the insurance marketing resources page

Here you’ll find marketing material formerly available in the Essentials catalogues, including the most recent and rebranded client brochures, advisors guides and product summaries – to name a few.

If you’re looking for product videos, estate planning materials, testimonials or social media posts to share with your network, check out the General marketing page.

Product marketing materials

Here, you’ll find everything you need to sell Canada Life products. Insurance marketing materials and resources designed for you and your clients.

Insurance marketing materials in Chinese

Below is a listing of the materials that are available in Chinese. Please use the form number to order the items listed from supply.