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Wealth products

Individual wealth products

Wealth products help your customers achieve their financial goals and think about tomorrow, today.

Get the information you need to access Canada Life wealth products.

Managed Solutions

Strengthen your service offering with our managed solutions.

At Canada Life, we offer a spectrum of five high-calibre managed solutions that provide your clients with a smoother investment experience that’s tailored to their unique needs. 

Canada Life Sustainable Portfolios Toolkit

With Canada Life Sustainable PortfoliosTM, your clients get access to an entire portfolio diversified across asset classes, regions and responsible investing strategies. The portfolios look to invest in companies with strong environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices that strive to make a positive contribution to society and the environment.

This toolkit provides you with the materials you need to get familiar with Canada Life Sustainable Portfolios and recommend them to clients who want their investments to align with their values without sacrificing potential returns.

Target Risk Asset Allocation Funds toolkit

Target-risk asset allocation funds are a suite of simple, one-step solutions designed to provide returns within a target risk level.

Each fund is an entire diversified portfolio that uses various management styles and invests in different industries, countries and types of holdings. These funds help clients achieve their goals while making sure they don't take on more risk than they expect.

Risk-Managed Portfolios marketing toolkit

Canada Life Risk-Managed Portfolios is a suite of all-in-one investment solutions that are specifically designed to help your clients protect their hard-earned savings by limiting the impacts of volatility while still allowing them to participate in the markets to help achieve their goals. 

This toolkit provides you with the materials you need to get familiar with Risk-Managed Portfolios and recommend them to clients looking for a sense of predictability, confidence and control over their investments. 

Constellation Managed Portfolios marketing toolkit

You have business goals. Our managed program can help you reach them. Constellation is a managed program that takes a goals-based approach to investing. It supports you in managing the details, like picking funds and monitoring portfolios, so that you can focus on the bigger picture—having deeper client conversations, uncovering new opportunities and growing your business.

Canada Life Index ETF Portfolios

These new portfolios combine passively managed segregated funds with the convenience of an all-in-one managed solution and will provide you more options for creating investment plans for your clients.    

This toolkit provides you with the materials you need to get familiar with Canada Life Index ETF Portfolios and recommend them to looking for the protection of a segregated fund policy in a more cost-efficient way. Now more of your clients can continue to grow their wealth with guarantees that protect their savings. 

Segregated funds marketing toolkit

The Canada Life shelf includes many of the segregated funds you know today, plus some new and exciting mandates. We’re taking the best of the best from each of our fund shelves to create one strong, carefully selected shelf designed for a full market cycle.

This toolkit provides you with the materials you need to get familiar with the new Canada Life fund shelf and to get ready to talk to your clients about it with confidence.

Mutual Funds toolkit

Canada Life Mutual FundsTM is the new mutual fund shelf that’s well-diversified and designed to perform through a full market cycle. It leverages the expertise of top investment managers from around the world and is more closely aligned to our segregated fund shelf (with more than 90% overlap). This means you can be confident there’s a Canada Life fund for your client, no matter which type of solution they’re looking for.

This toolkit provides you with the materials you need to get familiar with the new Canada Life Mutual Funds shelf and to get ready to talk to your clients about it with confidence.

Retirement solutions marketing toolkit

At Canada Life, we’re here to provide you with effective and competitive solutions as you and your clients plan for their retirement. On the Canada Life shelf, you have access to many of the retirement products you know today, including annuities, the lifetime income benefit and Estate Protection.

This toolkit provides you with the materials you need to get acquainted Canada Life retirement income products and prepare for client conversations, with confidence.

Retirement readiness toolkit

The pandemic might have impacted your clients’ retirement plans and your advice has never been more important. Be the hero of their retirement story – use the tools and resources in this toolkit to help your clients retire their way.

2022-2023 RRSP and TFSA toolkit

Canadians are looking for financial guidance now more than ever. They need expert advice and the right investment solutions to navigate these uncertain times. Take advantage of RRSP season to kickstart conversations to help steer clients’ savings plans on track. Canada Life is here to help you. 

Take advantage of our updated RRSP and TFSA toolkit. It includes everything you need to start conversations with your clients and find solutions for their unique needs.

Canada Life Securities Ltd.

Canada Life Securities Ltd. brings securities accommodation under the Canada LifeTM umbrella providing you and your clients a more consistent experience. Working with a securities specialist will help you provide your clients with comprehensive solutions that take into consideration their complete portfolio including stocks and bonds.

This toolkit includes everything you need to understand the securities accommodation program and start client conversations about moving their securities portfolio to Canada Life Securities Ltd. Look for client emails, brochures and more!

Market volatility

Support your clients through the market’s ups and downs with articles, fund spotlights, videos and more. Please note: you can use this toolkit and the resources within it regardless of what channel you’re in.

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Win with Wealth

Helping Canadians grow their wealth just got more rewarding!  By having net sales of 5% of Jan. 1, 2022, assets under management (AUM) you could receive a payment of 0.01% (or 1 bps of assets) of your Dec. 31, 2022, AUM

Get ready to sell Canada Life products

Freedom 55 Financial and WISE advisors will need new systems, tools and software. Find the resources you need, when you need them.Canada Life business quick linksThis job aid provides quick links to information related to the sale and submission of business.

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