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As Canada Life takes the next step in our journey, anything on this site referencing Freedom 55 Financial/WISE WEPG/WISE GK distribution channel will remain as is until further notice.

Investing in Canada LifeTM solutions through RRSPs and TFSAs may help. We have resources to support your client conversations on our new marketing hub.

As you get to know the new offerings available on the Canada Life™ product shelf, check out the list of updates, tasks and reminders to help guide you in the transition to the new shelf.

Market and economic uncertainty, combined with low expected returns for many asset classes, require new and different ways of designing portfolios that help protect clients from the unexpected while still helping them reach their goals.

Canada LifeTM Risk-Managed Portfolios are single-fund solutions that bring together risk management strategies with traditional and non-traditional investments and are designed to protect and grow the hard-earned savings of Canadians.

To learn more, see the toolkit:

Learn about new individual wealth products and individual insurance products.